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New Directions Counseling Group has a diverse staff of experienced and well-educated Therapists. We offer both Licensed Therapists and Therapists in Training that are supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor while they are collecting hours to obtain their license. We have two different scales, one to see a Therapist in Training (a.k.a. Resident in Counseling) and one to see a Licensed Therapist.

The cost for each therapy session with a senior, licensed clinician is $150. If you are seeing the Director, Thomas F. Lamp, the cost per session is $150.  The cost for a group therapy session with Thomas F. Lamp is $80-$90.


Patients have the option of seeing  either Christina Schultz or David Tsveer, our two Residents in Counseling, for a reduced fee, either $80 or $85 and $100 or $105 for your initial intake evaluation.  To learn more about their specialties, please click on the links below.  

These Therapists are available for reduced rates:

Christina Schultz, MA                      

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