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Happy Holidays

During this holiday season and into the new year what is most important is your treasures. The people you treasure and the memories in your heart and mind is what pulls us through life. It's the laughter at a silly child and the smile from seeing how far a family member has come. Happiness is in the amazement of a teenager who quickly grows before your eyes and news of a new birth. Never loose what makes you sing and the tenderness you once had for something or someone you truly cared about. Include yourself as a treasure. For you are also made of the earth's stardust. You are a treasure to someone else. Sometimes without knowing it. It's a wonderful life regardless of what is going on around you. Everything is temporary because everything becomes new. So as you enjoy the rest of the year and all it's celebrations. Take the perspective that a new year will begin. A renewal of sorts. Where you become new as well. New ideas, new solutions and new motivations. There is always something to look forward to. As this year ends and the new one begins, may all you aspire to and hope for take fruition and bring you much success.


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